Puppy Dog Clothes Sweater

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Paris letter sweater-grapefruit pink
Paris letter sweater-Spearmint
Daisy plush round-neck shirt-pink
Daisy plush round-neck shirt-yellow
Daisy plush round-neck shirt-Orange
Daisy plush round-neck shirt-Green
Rabbit with back round-neck shirt-Orange
Back rabbit round-neck shirt-Green
New year coat-dollar dog
New year coat-Jinfu
Paris letter sweater-Orange
Furry flower round-neck shirt-pink
Fur flower round-neck shirt-Orange
Furry flower round-neck shirt-Green

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XS-about 2-3 Jin
S-about 4-6 Jin
M-about 7-8 Jin
L-about 10-12 Jin
XL-about 14-18 Jin
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Size Bust (CM) Length (CM) Weight (gram)
XS 28-32 18-22 Less than 3
S 36-40 23-27 4-6
M 40-44 28-32 7.5-9
L 44-48 33-37 10-12
XL 52-56 38-42 13-16

1. [Recommended weight] For small dogs such as Poodles only. Chenille, French Bulldog, etc. Please refer to Bust and Length.
2. Sizes are in CM; sizes do not include collars.
3. Manual measurements are subject to error and the size chart is for reference only.
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Paris letter sweater-grapefruit pink, Paris letter sweater-Spearmint, Daisy plush round-neck shirt-pink, Daisy plush round-neck shirt-yellow, Daisy plush round-neck shirt-Orange, Daisy plush round-neck shirt-Green, Rabbit with back round-neck shirt-Orange, Back rabbit round-neck shirt-Green, New year coat-dollar dog, New year coat-Jinfu, Paris letter sweater-Orange, Furry flower round-neck shirt-pink, Fur flower round-neck shirt-Orange, Furry flower round-neck shirt-Green


XS-about 2-3 Jin, S-about 4-6 Jin, M-about 7-8 Jin, L-about 10-12 Jin, XL-about 14-18 Jin